Message Board with Profiles
React | Redux | Bootstrap | Express | Node | MongoDB | Heroku
Post, like, and comment on messages; add a CRUD profile to display most recent repos using GitHub’s API
- Hashed and salted passwords with bcrypt; authorized protected API routes and components with JWT
- Sanitized user input to mitigate cross-site scripting attacks; validated user input to provide error feedback
- Implemented throttled infinite scrolling based on scroll position to automatically get older profiles and posts
- Cross-referenced, populated, and aggregated database collections; sanitized URL parameters for queries
Notflix and Chill
React | Fuse.js | Express | Node | Firebase | Heroku
Netflix clone with compound styled components in React and Fuse.js for search

- Authentication and database storage through Firebase
- Protected routes with redirects using React Router DOM 
- Popup video player inserted via a React portal
- Compression, streaming, caching strategy to improve load time
- Responsive design with media queries, transitions, and hover effects
MERN Stack Build Template
React | Node | Express | MongoDB | Mongoose | webpack | Babel
Template build for MERN stack projects
- Frontend build, backend build
- npm install, initialize git, and first commit
- Starter file deletion
- Second commit to indicate starter file deletion
- Start webpack in watch mode (for frontend), start Babel in watch mode (for backend), start nodemon
Socketman Chat | React | Node | Express | MongoDB | JWT | bcrypt | React Router | Heroku
Chat with ⚡️ ⚡️

- Emits messages to server, saves to MongoDB, then sends them to private room
- Populates and aggregates users and messages with different database collections
- Validates user input; sanitizes user input to mitigate cross-site scripting attacks
- Protected component with React Router; protected routes with JWT and bcrypt
- Add and join rooms; typing events are broadcast when typing begins and ends
- Simple and responsive design with Bootstrap; deployed to Heroku
Travel Site Landing Pages
React | Node | Express | MySQL | AWS | CircleCI | Jest
Service-oriented architecture consisting of four microservices delivered by proxy server
- Deployed 7-image carousel, 3 popups, modal with 3 tabs, and 5 ratings via AWS EC2, RDS, and S3
- Provided guidance on Emotion styled components; deployed microservices with 0% CSS conflicts
- Executed 100% of milestones ahead of schedule collaborating remotely on Zoom, Slack, and Trello
Restaurant Booking Landing Pages
React | Node | Express | MongoDB | AWS | New Relic
Scaled service-oriented architecture—10 million records for four microservices delivered by proxy server
- Inherited legacy codebase; scaled 100 records to 10M; reduced database lookups from many to one
- Sustained 0% error rate during 1,000 RPS stress test with Artillery, New Relic, and Loader via proxy
- Deployed proxy and microservice AWS EC2 instances
; scored 100 on Google PageSpeed Insights
- Decreased time to first byte by 66% with compression and streaming implementation
Books & Magazines
React | Node | Express | MongoDB | Mongoose
Responsive sort and search CRUD single-page application for books and magazines with web accessible forms
- Sort ascending or descending by different columns
- Searches by column with regular expressions
- Input validation and sanitization before form submission
- Re-sorts after submission, edit, and delete
- Uses localStorage to remember user preference of column and order
Data Dashboard
React | Node | Express | MongoDB | Mongoose | Chart.js
Customer-facing single-page dashboard for data visualization
- Widget and card user interface with independent scrolling
- Generated data and data structure on back end; applied Chart.js on front end
- Manually enter data and edit data with form widget; POST and PUT endpoints
- Persisted all chart data and user's selected charts with PUT and GET endpoints
Advice Wiki
React | Node | Express | MongoDB | AWS | Emotion
CRUD single-page application providing mentors a way to give advice to mentees
- Alleviated cross-site scripting vulnerabilities by sanitizing input from submission forms
- Deployed via AWS EC2 instance; scored 100 on Google PageSpeed Insights
- Implemented tabular user interface to organize lists; smooth scrolling to improve user experience
Expense Tracker
JavaScript | jQuery | C3 | localStorage | Netlify
Graphical expense-tracking CRUD application 
- Create and delete expense categories and subcategories
- Create, edit, and delete expense cards
- Reorder expense cards
Multimedia Consulting Studio
HTML | CSS | Less | JavaScript | Netlify
Responsive website for desktop and mobile
- Portfolio modal with image carousel; reviews carousel
- Logo design, blog initialization, and tagline
- Contact and creative brief forms
- Privacy policy and sitemap
Connect Four
React | Node | Express | MySQL
The vertical four-in-a-row checkers game
- Implemented game logic for horizontal, vertical, and diagonal wins
- Used event delegation for clicks and maintained 2D matrix in state
- Persisted current score and top scores with PUT and GET endpoints

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